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A ugmented Reality Augmented Reality is the addition of a computer-assisted contextual layer of information imposed over the real world, creating a reality that is enhanced or augmented. is not only changing the face of gaming, media, and automobile, but it is now ready to make learning and technical publications interact with the virtual world. Educators, Trainers, and Technical Documentation experts have started realizing the benefits of Augmented Reality and are now bringing it in to help their audience. We will soon have the virtual world as a part of our real world and everyday life.

Savancy is ready to help its clients transition to this forward-looking technology. Bring your training and technical publication out of the virtual world into the real world of your audience, and improve the adoption of your products and offerings. Savancy will make sure your audience and clients are not just engaged, but completely spellbound.

Our Offerings Include:

Design, Development, and Delivery of Augmented Reality Content

  • Marker-based
  • Marker-less
  • Learning
  • Technical Publications

Design and Development of Augmented Reality Apps

Augmented Reality Videos, Animations, Simulations, and Games

Development Solutions

Return on Investment (ROI) analysis of Augmented Reality

Identify appropriate application of Augmented Reality

Value-Add Solutions


eLearning, Mobile Learning
Classroom Training
Assessments, Certifications
Learning Games


Big Data Analytics
Master Data Management
Business Intelligence Reporting
Data Modelling

Mobile Publications
User Guides
Service & Maintenance Manuals
SDKs and APIs Documentation
Setup Posters, Quick Start Posters


Web Application Development
Mobile Application Development
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