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S avancy always prepares for futuristic, forward-thinking content technologies and solutions, and helps its clients stay ahead. Whether it is mobile content, layered content, augmented reality, social content, or DITA, our team has always been ready for the new wave in the world of content.

Savancy also uses HTML5 to make interactive and rich-media content device-agnostic and eliminates the need for our clients to build separate solutions for various media. Moreover, with HTML5, we can help you build content solutions around social collaboration.

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  • Technical Documentation:
  • Learning & Development:

Mastering integration:

If companies want to realize the benefits, they will have to master the challenges of integrating documentation, training, product support, marketing, and customer service.


Reduce the information overload that is prevalent today, and move the documentation from product-focused to user-focused (relevant to job domain).

Mobile documentation and apps:

Making documentation available on both computers and mobile devices will define the product adoption and success. The audience will expect mobile manuals, mobile UX, mobile help, and mobile apps to be available with products.

Augmented reality (AR) in Documentation:

Augmented Reality will be the revolution of 2013 as companies identify the right areas for AR implementation and realize its effectiveness in technical support.

Globalized Documentation:

As everything goes global, companies will realize the cost benefits of developing globalized source content.

User-generated content:

Companies are increasingly realizing the power of making their audience instrumental in generating and improving the documentation. This is the power of social media in this age.


Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) will continue to make inroads into the technical communications planning and delivery functions of more and more organizations, as the productivity gains from content reuse and on-the-fly documentation assembly are recognized.

Device-agnostic Learning:

Companies will realize the benefits of making their training available via both computers and mobile devices.

Social Learning:

Technology-enabled informal learning or collaborative social learning, the acceptance will grow as companies figure out a way to manage the social learning framework effectively.

Augmented Reality (AR) learning:

Augmented Reality will pick up momentum in 2013 as companies identify the right areas for AR implementation and realize its effectiveness in learning.

Globalized learning:

As companies go global, they will realize the benefits of developing globalized training, especially in the areas that are not geo-sensitive.

Experiential learning

Learning in the workplace during the workday instead of making folks sit in a classroom has always been effective, but now creating experiential learning (rather than academic-style learning) will be the way to go.


eLearning, Mobile Learning
Classroom Training
Assessments, Certifications
Learning Games


Big Data Analytics
Master Data Management
Business Intelligence Reporting
Data Modelling

Mobile Publications
User Guides
Service & Maintenance Manuals
SDKs and APIs Documentation
Setup Posters, Quick Start Posters


Web Application Development
Mobile Application Development
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