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W ith the technical advancement in recent years, the face of technical publication and communication is completely revamping. Print and In-Box traditional forms of documentations are shrinking in size and are being replaced by Digital, Mobile, Just-in-Time content, with Rich-Media and Augmented Reality. Moreover, more publications are becoming user-and task-centric, rather the traditional product-focused publications. This makes publications more effective and reduces the information overload that is prevalent today.

Most companies have adopted content modeling and structured information standards, such as XML, SGML, DITA, and SPL. They are using component content management systems to help them dynamically deliver documentation Just-in-Time and Place to their audience, on a wide variety of mobile devices. Another emerging trend is socializing product documentation.

Besides the traditional print and online documentation, Savancy offers deep expertise in Digital, Mobile, Augmented Documentation, creating engaging, interactive customer experiences. Our UX designers, technical writers, documentation experts, and technologists deliver documentation across various media—including print, web, multimedia, mobile devices, and proprietary displays.

Our Offerings Include:

Technical Documentation:

  • User Guides, Owner Manuals, Handbooks
  • Operator, Service, Maintenance and Safety Manuals
  • Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMs)
  • Help Manuals
  • Setup Posters, Quick Start Posters
  • Quick Reference Cards
  • API and SDK Documentation
  • Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC)
  • Provisioning Parts List (PPL)
  • Recommended Spare Parts List (RSPL)
  • Illustrated Repair Parts Manuals (IPBs and RPSTLs)

Design, Develop, and Deliver eBooks

Design, Develop, and Deliver Documentation on all media

Develop Multimedia, Videos, Animations, and Simulations

Create Augmented Reality Animations

Standardize Source Documentation for Global Audience

Digitalize Legacy Documentation

  • Print to Online/Mobile
  • Online to Mobile
  • Flash to HTML5
  • Existing Source Content to XML

Comply with Industry Standards, such as S1000D, S2000M, ATA iSpec 2200

Development Solutions

Design Framework for Device-Agnostic Documentation

Minimalism, User- and Task-Centric Design

Integrate Components and Content Across Functions (Documentation, Marketing, Sales, Learning)

Develop Framework for Social Documentation

Design Just-in-Time (JIT) Content

Value-Add Solutions


eLearning, Mobile Learning
Classroom Training
Assessments, Certifications
Learning Games


Big Data Analytics
Master Data Management
Business Intelligence Reporting
Data Modelling

Mobile Publications
User Guides
Service & Maintenance Manuals
SDKs and APIs Documentation
Setup Posters, Quick Start Posters


Web Application Development
Mobile Application Development
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